COVID IMPACT LAB - Schoolab Asia


Join our 6-week 100% digital collaborative experience towards sustainable & inclusive innovation!

Offer the skill-set your teams will need to maintain and grow your business through agile project management techniques and consumer-centric process with the fresh perspective of local talents.


Training videos

Experts explain Design Thinking methodologies

Tasks templates

Exercises to create the key assets of the innovation process

Project Tools

Tools to support the collaboration, from communication to production

What your team accesses

  • 1 pathway of methods and tasks leading to concrete project outcomes
  • 15 video tutorials explaining the key phases and processes of human-centred innovation
  • 10 templates to create the assets necessary to build user-centric products and services
  • 8 masterclasses of innovation experts sharing their tricks
  • 7 method feedback interviews from successful entrepreneurs who integrate design thinking to their business
  • Instant messaging and project newsfeed to facilitate collaboration

They trust our content and platform to innovate

Transitioning to remote work can affects teams' ability to collaborate

  • Unequal access to good work condition (equipment, distractions)
  • Loss of informal access to team’s knowledge, experience and friendships
  • Lower employee motivation, physical and mental wellbeing
  • Loss of physical collaborative spaces
@ McKinsey Global Institute
Employers have found during the pandemic that although some tasks can be done remotely in a crisis, they are much more effectively done in person. These activities include coaching, counseling, and providing advice and feedback; building customer and colleague relationships; bringing new employees into a company; negotiating and making critical decisions; teaching and training; and work that benefits from collaboration, such as innovation, problem-solving, and creativity.

With the Covid Impact Lab you can now leverage your remote team to reinforce collaboration while creating business value and supporting the community!

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